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Essentially, text message marketing is reaching out to your customers on their mobile phone’s text messaging app to drive store visits, increase website or store visit frequency, and build brand loyalty.

SMS, MMS AND RCS are different types of text messaging for delivering your brand’s mobile messages. You can think of them progressively:

1. SMS (Short Messaging Service) is the most basic form of text messaging, strictly limited to text (no images or video) and 160 characters. Simple, yes, but still effective for many text marketing campaigns.

2. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a more advanced messaging service than SMS, letting you send your guests a message that includes not only text but also pictures, GIFS, video and/or audio content. MMS messages typically generate far more guest interaction than SMS messages.

3. RCS (Rich Communication Services) is even more advanced, not only employing multimedia assets but also enabling 2-way interaction with your guests, similar to the functionality of a brand’s mobile app.

A short code is the 5- or 6-digit alphanumeric code your brand uses when sending and receiving text messages. Think of it as your brand’s text messaging mailing address. Short is good! A short string of numbers is easier for your customer to remember or type — especially when you are promoting text club opt-ins through, say, table tents or your receipt.

Your ability to identify “on the fly” whether the recipient’s phone can receive an RCS or MMS message is critical to ensuring that all your text club members get your message. Unfortunately, few text marketing platforms can support SMS, MMS, and RCS formats. With a messaging platform that can identify the phone’s text message capability and limitations , you can create your campaign with alternate versions of your message, and the platform can deliver the right version to the right phone.

The cost of SMS marketing depends on the base rate of your platform provider, the number of stores you have, the number of subscribers in your SMS club and the frequency of text message campaigns you send out. Contact us and we can help you figure it out for your brand.

There are many reasons to put business-to-consumer mobile messaging into your digital marketing mix. For example:

1. SMS Marketing is the phone app your customers use 47X a day.

2. SMS Marketing is the strongest-performing digital channel, with an open rate 5X greater than promotional emails and nearly 20X the open rate of app notifications.

3.Subscribers of brands using our SMS Marketing platform return on average 20% more frequently and spend 23% more.

4. Its affordable & cheaper comparatively other companies.

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