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When it comes to your marketing dollar, you need a solid digital strategy customized to your specific business requirements & a well-structured web design in line with your marketing plan.


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With the rapid growth of the use of mobile devices, mobile internet use is expected to overtake desktop browsing by the end of the year. Because of this, google has changed its algorithm to favor websites that are mobile friendly rank higher in their search engine. Now it is more important than ever for you to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. This will not only help you website rank higher in the googles search engines but it will also increase your web traffic since currently mobile traffic exceeds desktop traffic. There are money ways of making your website mobile friendly but responsive web design tops the list. With this in mind, lets us look at what is responsive website design and its benefits.

What is a responsive web?

A responsive web is simply a website that has the ability to adapt is layout depending on the screen size of the device it is currently being viewed from. A responsive web will be able to fit in any device that uses a full web browser without the visitor having to zoom and pan endlessly. To get a responsive web, you need to hire a professional a responsive web design company. There are many responsive web design companies in in the market. You have to conduct a very intensive research so as to get the best responsive web design company in the market today.Not every responsive web design companies will be able to give you the best services. With this in mind responsive web design is the process of creating responsive websites. This allows your website to adopt different devices comfortably. From desktops, smartphones, tablets and even smart TVs. Responsive web design also allows your website to adjust itself comfortably to different screen resolutions.

Five reasons why you should integrate responsive web design into your website.

1. Better usability

No matter the device your visitor is using to view your website, you will ensure that they get the best user experience they can possibly get. Although smartphones allow their users to zoom, pinch and double tap, the navigation in a non-responsive website may be very difficult. A part from difficult navigation, the visitor will have a very difficult time reading the content in your website. This is especially well noticed when filling online forms or checking out online stores. This will increase bounce rates and abandoned check outs. To avoid this and make the usability of your website better, ensure that you use responsive website design. Responsive web design is the best way to increase your sales and attract visitors.

2. Display specific content.

Sometimes you may post content that is only relevant to users using a specific device. You may have a large banner on your websites homepage that links to different areas of your websites. But you would like a smaller thumbnail of the banner displayed for your smartphone visitors. Using a responsive website design will allow you to easily determine the information that will be visible to different users depending on their devices. When using responsive web design, you will only display the content to your target viewers according to the devices they are using.

3. You will not need to use Multiple Platform specific apps.

Apps are very important to some websites. Because of this, you will find yourself having to develop an android app for your android users and an iTunes app for apple users. This is not economical. When using responsive web design, the website will be viewable across all devices. This means that you will be able to your costs without having to compromise your user experience.

4. Publish you content once.

Keeping a website current is not a joke. This becomes even harder when you run multiple websites or even apps from different platforms. It becomes more time consuming and expensive. When you have responsive website design, you have a single website with different layouts. This makes it very easy to maintain your website. You only have to post your content once and the change will be integrated instantly according all devices. Responsive web deign is the best way to manage multiple websites.

5. SEO advantages.

Using responsive web design gives you some SEO advantages notavailable to those using normal websites. Instead of having to concentrate yourSEO efforts on multiple websites, you just have to give one website your all. A responsive web design will allow you increase your traffic, generate more sales, boost the engagement with your customers and give you a competitive edge over your competition. You website will become more mobile friendly hence get a higher Google page ranking something that is very important in the world of e-commerce.

Don’t be left out, give your online business the advantage it needs by getting a responsive website. Get a responsive design company and You will be able to save time and money on top of increasing your web traffic, making more money, increasing the sales of your online store and much, more.


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